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Joe Zaffuto – Night Eyes

Joe Zaffuto was born and raised in a small town in Central Pennsylvania where he tried his hand at night calling at a very young age. He was only 14 when he called in and killed his first grey fox – a night he still remembers well!  He was using his brother’s cassette tape recorder wired to an old car speaker, playing the tune of a crying rabbit. With his Ithaca 12 gauge in one hand and a flashlight covered in red cellophane in the other, he still remembers the glow of those red eyes getting closer and closer, his heart pounding faster and faster. Balancing the shotgun on his knee, trying to hold the light, and getting the shotgun bead between those red approaching eyes took some doing. He took a deep breath, squeezed the trigger, and ended up on his back. After recovering, he walked out 20 yards to find his first predator kill, a nice prime Pennsylvania grey fox.

Travis Hartman

USCG licensed captain and Ohio licensed guide on Lake Erie for 10 years
Two-time Lake Erie Walleye Trail points champion
Cabela’s MWC championship qualifier
Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in fisheries science

Chris Skrant

Chris Skrant began waterfowl hunting in his teens and has spent the last 30 years honing his passion for the outdoors to share with the public. Sharing his knowledge with youth, veterans, and hunters of all experience and ability levels in seminars, and in the field, sets Chris and Flyway Outdoors apart. Chris developed his knowledge guiding in North Dakota, Missouri, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, and Canada, before returning to Ohio and starting his own guide service. Owner of, Flyway Outdoors, he guides waterfowl, deer, predator, dove, and turkey hunts in Northeast Ohio.

Doug Stewart

My wife and I live waterfront on the North bank of Buckeye Lake. I’m a retired union electrician. I do a limited amount of guide trips for saugeye, crappie, bluegill, bass and steelhead trout. I also guide on the Ice for saugeye and panfish. I’ve been doing fishing seminars for about fifteen years. I have worked in partnership with Dan Armitage on many do it yourself boating and fishing gear articles for magazines like USBoats,
Pontoon And Deck Boat and many others. I’ve been a guest speaker on the Buckeye Sportsman radio show many times. I’m known for my knowledge of all types and methods of fishing all over Ohio and around the country. I have a boat in Orlando that I use for freshwater bass and intercostal fishing. I’m lucky to have a daughter and son in law in Orlando working for Southwest Airlines so my wife and I fly free. I have 140 fish Ohio awards and 10 master angler awards. I personally target big fish and believe in catch and release most of the time. I consider myself an on the water teacher and not just a fishing guide. I can be reached at fish683@ aol.com or 614-327-3439 and on Facebook.

Dan Armitage

Dan Armitage’s “Kids Fishing Fun” Seminar Description Atop the giant Hawg Trough mobile aquarium, Ohio outdoor writer and syndicated radio show host Dan Armitage will discuss the basics of fishing for kids while demonstrating the use of simple tackle, hooks, bobbers and live bait featuring props that include the World’s Largest Bobber and the World’s Biggest Fishing Hook. The certified Passport to Fishing instructor shows how to rig and use a cane pole, allows the kids to handle live bait like worms and minnows and, in dramatic style with live fish, shows how the baits should be presented to fish in the giant aquarium. He ends each show by allowing a child to join him atop the tank, demonstrates how to select and fit a PFD, and (hopefully) catch and release a fish!

Jason Michael

Native of Pennsylvania and USAF veteran, Jason will bring his knowledge of bow hunting for whitetails to the Sportsman Show. With over 22 years of hunting in the north eastern United States and the Midwest, you’ll want to make sure to catch his seminars during the show. Jason is mostly a public land hunter.

Aaron Pratt

My name is Aaron Pratt I am the owner/operator of Churning Waters Bait Co and Guide Service LLC.  With over 20 years musky fishing experience here in Ohio , I started at a very young age musky fishing with my dad on local lakes .  Catching my first musky at the age of 13 sparked a very obsessive desire to keep pursuing these toothy critters more and more . Through the years of fishing with my dad and friends I was very successful in my pursuit to catch as many of these elusive musky that I could .  But it wasn’t until I reached my early 20’s that I bought my first boat and started to learn my own way to catch the fish of 10,000 casts .

From there it turned into a full on obsession , buying more tackle along with  many many lures to try and have as much diversity in my methods and techniques.  As the years passed on I was set on getting a fish over 50″ in Ohio .  But it wasn’t until June of 2009 that I met that accomplishment with a 50 1/2″ musky that I caught on a Tuff Shad musky lure .  From there it grew from an obsession to a sickness , I started making custom musky baits in my basement until the wee hours of the morning .  Trying to make the perfect bait in which I wanted to catch my next fish over 50″ on here in Ohio , and so Churning Waters Bait Co was created .  One of my favorite baits to use was the very popular bucktail , while there are so many size blades and color combos that can be made .  I narrowed down a few that worked good for my local waters , in October of 2015 I caught my fish over 50″ on one of my bucktails .  As word got out my bucktails grew in popularity with the local fisherman and many across the upper Midwest , to the point to where I was building baits to fill orders on a daily basis .  In 2016 father and son Prostaffers James Young and JD young made a trip to the St Lawrence river to chase muskies , they did the unthinkable while on their trip .  By catching a 54″, 54 1/2″, and 55″ muskies while on their trip while using Churning  Waters Bucktails .   That same weekend I was able to accomplish an amazing mile marker as well in musky fishing , when I caught a 51 1/2 ” musky here in Ohio .  Which would now mark my third fish over 50″ on Ohio waters.

In the last few years I have made many substantial changes in my life to pursue a career in the musky fishing world , with the bait co growing every year .  I decided to incorporate a guide service with the bait co , with over 500 musky caught in my boat over the last 5 years .  I thought this was a great time to spread my techniques and knowledge to new and upcoming musky fisherman.  While I continue to grow my bait co and guide service I am looking very forward to spreading my many years of fishing knowledge to some of the new and upcoming musky fisherman here in the near future.

Tony LaPratt

The Newest Cutting Edge Research on Big Mature Bucks. What you must know on Design Layouts, Bedding Areas for Buck and Doe, Killing Food Plots and How to Create Extreme Buck Movement. These amazing findings will totally separate your hunting land from the surrounding lands. .