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2023 Show Seminar Speakers




One of the most humble and likable people you’ll ever meet, Fred is well know for developing his own unique and innovative deer hunting tactics that he readily shares in his stories and interviews. He has a large following through his informative family oriented outdoor articles and his seminars.  He has the rare ability to invent his own tactics (some used only one time to fool and harvest a specific buck) and deer hunting aids to outsmart even the wisest of whitetails.




Greg is known for his unique and informative articles and seminars. His ability to outsmart his quarry on the spot with some of his innovative hunting tactics has gained him national attention. Greg uses not only his calling skills, but also uses the lay of the land, knowledge of his quarry’s habits, and his ability to formulate a quick successful game plan to turn a bad hunting situation into a successful one. Greg, like his father is very approachable and well liked for his down to earth “common man” personality. In addition to being a TV personality, Greg is an outdoor writer, seminar speaker and President of A-Way Hunting Products.



David Hershberger enjoys sharing the things he has learned on his journey as an owner, Timber Specialist, and Deer Management Consultant with Hillcrest Lumber in Apple Creek, Ohio.
Four decades of lessons learned hunting whitetails along with many years of experience in commercial forestry have provided proven successful insights into forest and whitetail management.


Randy Flannery

If you love hunting whitetail deer and you are ready to advance your skills in the woods, it’s time to learn from the master guide that has seen and done it all.  Refered to as “Duke of the North Woods.” This renowned tracker of whitetails is a Master Guide in Maine.  Come and see his deer hunting seminar called, “Ultimate Whitetail Stalking and Tracking.”
Tracking and Stalking are the time tested and time honored, tried and true hunting methods the American Indians and pioneers used to successfully and consistently take the largest animals possible! They took a proactive approach to hunting, because they had to put food on the table to feed their families.  By utilizing tracking and stalking techniques, they were able to find the biggest and best animals. 
Now you can learn these techniques and use them on your next hunt.  Registered Master Maine Guide and renowned Tracker/Stalker Randy Flannery will show how to master the skills of aging, sexing, and reading deer tracks.
He will also share, map and compass skills, how and where to find big bucks, how to walk up on big bucks in all conditions, how to react to big bucks when you jump them, how to shoot fast and accurate, and other big woods hunting skills.


Jim Vitaro

2022 BFL All American Qualifier  / 2021 BFL Regional (2nd Place)  / 2021 BFL Sandusky Bay Qualifier ( 3 Place ) / 2  Toyota Series National Championship Qualifier (2016, 2018) / 2  BFL All American Qualifier (2016, 2022) / 20 BFL Regional Qualifier / 26 FLW Top 10’s / 3 BFL Wins 



Dan Armitage’s 

Atop a giant mobile aquarium, popular Midwest outdoor writer and syndicated radio show host Dan Armitage will discuss the basics of fishing for kids while demonstrating the use of simple tackle, hooks, bobbers and live bait featuring props that include the World’s Largest Bobber, World’s Largest fishing Lure and the World’s Biggest Fishing Hook. The certified Passport to Fishing Instructor shows how to rig and use a cane pole, allows the kids to handle live bait like worms and minnows and, in dramatic style with live fish, shows how the baits should be presented to fish in the giant aquarium. He ends each show by allowing a child to join him atop the tank, demonstrates how to select and fit a PFD, and (hopefully) catch and properly handle and release a fish!