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Blue Clay Kennels – Date and Time TBA

Blue Clay Kennels was started in 2012 with our first two Labradors, Lola and Chipper. We had a goal to train them to be shed hunting dogs and along the way we started competing in the North American Shed Hunting Dog Association events (N.A.S.H.D.A.). Chipper qualified for the World Championship at 10 months old and has been on a roll since! We have been ranked in the top 15 in the world for the past 3 years. Chipper is the 2nd dog to ever achieve his N.A.S.H.D.A.  Master Hunter title and in 2014 he won the worlds fastest shed dog award and has found many sheds out in the field!  Lola is Senior Hunter titled and will be starting to run her Master Hunter and has been qualified for the World Championships for the past 3 years!  We love running and training shed dogs. We have started working with Ryan Morton of Grain Driver Labradors with a training program to produce not only a outstanding shed dogs, but also a dog that will be able to waterfowl, hunt test and at the same time be an efficient shed hunters!  We also breed Labradors that are health tested and have pedigrees that are proven to perform!



Shawn Kotchey – Date and Time TBA

Owner and Operator of Millcreek Valley Game Calls

NWTF Member since 1992. CertifiedTurkey Hunting educator with NWTF and Pa Game Commision. Over 51 Turkey Calling, Owl Hooting and Elk Calling Titles. 5 Grand Slams. Hunted Wild Turkey’s in over 27 States. Certifed Turkey Hunting Guide in Virgina,and Washington State. Award winning Turkey call maker. Guest on several outdoor TV shows, Sportsman channel and Pursuit Channel and many Radio shows for turkey hunting Articles on Turkey Calls in Outdoor life and Turkey and Turkey Hunting.





Smokey McNicholas – Date and Time TBA

Smokey McNicholas, a professional trapper by trade, has been making his lures and baits for over 20 years in the hills of West Virginia and makes the first and only real Preorbital Gland Lure.

These products have attracted the biggest bucks around, a fact proven by Smokey’s Deer Lures winning the Ohio Valley Big Buck contest 3 years in a row. Find out what makes these products work and learn firsthand the way to combine them for the best results. Remember this is the only place to find the a true Preorbital gland lure.





Jim Vitaro – Date and Time TBA

The Hawg Trough attracts crowds while demonstrating fishing techniques.  Audience participation by both seasoned anglers and freckle faced kids keeps the crowd entertained throughout the day. Sponsors from the Fishing Industry often sponsor product giveaways to promote their product as well as please the attendees.







Dan Armitage – Date and Time TBA

Dan Armitage is a popular freelance outdoor and travel writer, speaker and radio show host based in Ohio whose articles appear in Outdoor Life, In-Fisherman, AAA Home & Away, Ohio’s Country Journal, Boating, Ohio Outdoor News, and Ohio Game & Fish. He hosts the syndicated radio program “Buckeye Sportsman with Dan Armitage” presented by Cabela’s every Saturday on 24 Ohio radio stations (www.buckeyesportsman.net) . Dan travels the nation during the winter months conducting programs on fishing and boating subjects and will lead his popular “Kids Fishing 411” seminar daily at the Northeast Ohio Sportsmen Show.









Doug Stewart – Date and Time TBA

My wife and I live waterfront on the North bank of Buckeye Lake. I’m a retired union electrician. I do a limited amount of guide trips for saugeye, crappie, bluegill, bass and steelhead trout. I also guide on the Ice for saugeye and panfish. I’ve been doing fishing seminars for about fifteen years. I have worked  in partnership with Dan Armitage on many do it yourself boating and fishing gear articles for magazines like USBoats, Pontoon And Deck Boat and many others. I’ve been a guest speaker on the Buckeye Sportsman radio show many times. I’m known for my knowledge of all types and methods of fishing all over Ohio and around the country. I can be reached at fish683@ aol.com or 614-327-3439 and on Facebook.





Greg Abbas – Date and Time TBA

Greg is known for his unique and informative articles and seminars. His ability to outsmart his quarry on the spot with some of his innovative hunting tactics has gained him national attention. Greg uses not only his calling skills, but also uses the lay of the land, knowledge of his quarry’s habits, and his ability to formulate a quick and successful game plan to turn a bad hunting situation into a successful one. Greg, like his father is very approachable and well liked for his down to earth “common man” personality. In addition to being a TV personality, Greg is an outdoor writer, seminar speaker and President of A-Way Hunting Products.





“Night Eyes” Joe

I am recently retired from a 28 year career in Law Enforcement where I was a certified firearms instructor. I have been hunting predators for a little over 40 years in central Pennsylvania and in 2012 I started my own predator light company. I have given seminars on calling predators at night throughout the northeast USA for several years now. I have written articles for Fur Fish & Game Magazine and Woods and Water Magazines. I have produced two TV episodes that have both been featured on the Pursuit Channel. I have been instrumental in helping and getting thousands of new hunters started into the night hunting sport.





Bill Epeards

Bill is on a number of the elite Pro Staff of some of the leaders in the hunting industry, which includes over 41 years with PSE Archery, 28 years with Elite staff of Mossy Oak, America’s Best Bowstrings, Bohning Archery, Rocky Boots, Quaker Boy Gamecalls, Carbon Express, Scott Archery Products, Rack Master, Sure-Loc Sights, Jackie’s Deer Lures, Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds, Millennium Treestands, HECS Outdoors, Morrell Targets, Lakewood Products, Upwind Products and Ozonics.






Captain Paul

Captain Paul will share his 35 plus years of angling experience with you, covering the techniques or fishing methods you desire to learn for walleye, steelhead or perch. Your trip will be a learning experience you will not forget. The greatest classroom for an angler is on the water! Come join Captain Paul and let him customize an educational trip for you! You can be more successful angler!