Northeast Ohio

Past Speakers


Bill’s adventures have taken him all over the world.  He has harvested moose, elk, caribou, mule deer, whitetail deer, javelina, wild boar, turkey, antelope, mountain lion, bear and alligator using a bow with many making the Pope & Young and Boone & Crocket record books.  International hunting trips to Africa and New Zealand have produced cape buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, (Big 5 in Africa with a bow and arrow), sable, kudu, gemsbok, gold medal red stag, sika deer, Thar and chamois. Bill has taken over 50 different species with a Bow and Arrow. Turkey hunting is a passion of Bill’s.  Well-known for his superior calling abilities and hunting tactics, his records of success include 18 NWTF grand slams, including two with a bow and two world turkey slams.  An avid bird hunter, Bill has traveled to Canada, Mexico and Argentina in search of waterfowl and upland hunting adventures.  Bill is also a tournament archer.  He has won seven IBO National Team Championships, four IBO Individual State Championships and Individual World Champion.  

Bill is on a number of the elite Pro Staff of some of the leaders in the hunting industry, which includes over 45 years with PSE Archery, 29 years with Elite staff of Mossy Oak, America’s Best Bowstrings, Bohning Archery, Rocky Boots, Quaker Boy Gamecalls, Carbon Express, B3 Archery Products, High Tower Products, Feradyne Outdoors, Jackie’s Deer Lures, Oak Ridge Hunting Blinds, Millennium Treestands, HECS Outdoors, Morrell Targets, Lakewood Products, and Ozonics.

Smokey McNicholas

Distinguished by his deep understanding of wild game and passionate craftsmanship, Smokey McNicholas has been a professional trapper for over two decades. Deep in the undulating hills of West Virginia, he meticulously creates his unique lures and baits.

Smokey pioneered the industry’s first authentic Preorbital Gland Lure. Unlike others, his product is not synthetic but conceived from genuine materials, and conservatively housed in glass to maintain its pure integrity.

His proven competence is reflected in the superb results of his products. Reckoned for luring the biggest bucks in the vicinity, “Smokey’s Deer Lures” has profoundly dominated the Ohio Valley Big Buck contest three consecutive years.

Experience what sets these products apart, and gain insightful knowledge on how to optimally utilize them for successful outcomes.

Bear in mind, this is the sole destination to obtain the veritable Preorbital Gland Lure. Discover Smokey’s world where nature meets craft, blending into an art that ensnares the wildest creatures.


Joe was born and raised in Central Pennsylvania where he tried his hand at night calling at a very young age. He was only 14 when he called in and killed his first grey fox. From that point on he was hooked and now 40 plus years later he still targets predators willing to come to the call with their eyes glowing from his now “much better” red lights – still feeling that same passion he felt back then. Although he has upgraded his hunting equipment and changed his style, the concept is still basically the same.

In 2012, Joe started his own predator light company Night Eyes, LLC
Several years after starting his company Joe retired from a 28-year career in Law Enforcement where he was a certified firearms instructor. He has given seminars on calling predators at night throughout the northeast United States and has written several night hunting articles. Joe has been also featured on the Pursuit Channel.

Joe finds coyotes are much more challenging to call in than fox and feels every coyote called in and killed is a trophy. Joe says: “The ever-wise coyote is without question an excellent teacher and he is still teaching me even today.”

Joe is always willing to provide hunting strategies to those who are willing to listen.  He feels very privileged to have been instrumental in helping get thousands of new hunters started into the night hunting sport and he loves to hear their success stories that follow. Night hunting still calls to Joe as strongly today as it did on that first fateful night-time fox hunt, many years ago.


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With over fifty years of hunting, fishing, trapping, and rugged outdoor adventures under his belt, Jim Riggle, also known as “Timber Jim” brings to the show an exciting revolutionary way to attract not only Monster Bucks, but also a wide range of critters right to your 

favorite hunting spot. Jim has been featured in many national hunting magazines, newspapers, websites and even on television. He’s hunted all over North America, especially here in the tri-state region. As a spokesperson for Smokey’s Buck Lure, Timber Jim has presented his proven success “Licking Branch” techniques to hunters throughout the United States. He and Smokey have been doing outdoors shows together for over 18 


One of his best takes is his record breaking, still standing after 15 years Number #1 biggest buck ever harvested, in Forest County. The buck nicknamed “Spike” is a 195″ Boone and Crockett, being a “Top 20″ PA record buck. Also, at age 27, Jim was featured in ” Pennsylvania Game News” magazine for killling three bucks in the states of Pa, West Virgina, and Ohio in the first three weeks of the season.


Nathan W. Boldman, a native of Urbana, Ohio, leveraged his childhood passion for crappie fishing into a thriving career. Renowned as a Pro Crappie Tournament angler, Nathan owns Nasty Nate’s Baits, a successful crappie/panfish bait enterprise that speaks volumes about his fascination with designing, creating, and producing baits. His proficiency in the field is underlined by sponsorships from esteemed outdoor and fishing entities such as Clam Outdoors, Vexilar, Inc., Lakeside Pro Bass, K-9 Fishing Line, Jenko Fishing, and Lakewood Products. Nathan has made a mark fishing national and Ohio-based crappie circuits, but his true joy lies in engaging in conversations about crappie with other anglers. His fervent discussions range from dockside chats and bait shop talks to enlightening interchanges on the water and at fishing and sporting expos.


As a West Virginia University alum, owner Anthony Pappas has years of experience managing public land for the benefit of both wildlife and the eventual realization of economic returns on timber as well as working for a timber consulting company focused on ecologically-sound timber production.

From the prairies of North Dakota down to the hills of northern Alabama and out to the Ozarks of Arkansas, Anthony has experience in a multitude of forest types and habitat diversities. Taking this first-hand knowledge of “wildlife forestry,” Anthony has built his Ohio-based company around managing forests for multiple uses.


Meet Tony LaPratt — the mastermind behind modern whitetail habitat improvements. Over a span of 38 years, Tony has impressively harvested 62 mature trophy class whitetails, consistently showcasing his expertise in the field.

Further proving his prowess, Tony has designed over 2,200 world-class hunting properties scattered across 29 states. These properties vary in size from small five-acre lands to expansive six thousand acre sites.

As the founder of the Ultimate Land Management & Whitetail Boot Camp, Tony has led over 180 classes at the Whitetail Habitat Research Center—a cutting-edge hunting property like no other.

His classes have attracted hunters from 41 states and Canada, testifying his valuable reach and influence. Notably, Tony is lauded as one of the most innovative figures in the whitetail land management world.

Additionally, Tony is a sought-after keynote speaker at numerous deer shows nation-wide. His extraordinary understanding of mature whitetail bucks sets him apart from others in the field.

You won’t want to miss Tony’s seminars. They delve into his latest techniques and showcase exclusive whitetail discoveries. His amazing findings promise to elevate your hunting land, distinguishing it from the rest.